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Our Dream



Our children deserve trustworthy educators who reflect their multifaceted identities, are advocates and cultural brokers, maintain high expectations, and provide culturally relevant teaching that confronts racism, transphobia, and other societal inequities.

Providing students with the academic and social-emotional tools to read and write power will embolden them to lead lives dedicated to collective liberation.



We believe in a Middle School that teaches 

transformational resistance, empowering students

to challenge racist, ableist, transphobic, transmisogynistic,

and other white supremacist systems.


TfS will found a Middle School,

open to all, that embodies the work of liberation

through rigorous academics, joyful connections, identity exploration, and progressive practice.



We aspire to realize bell hooks' vision of "education as the practice of freedom." With empathy and through reflective action, our community will thrive because they feel loved, safe, and seen.

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