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Spring 2024 Afterschool Programming


Trans formative Schools hosts a free Afterschool that centers trans joy and social justice. Open to all, it is designed to address the unmet needs of trans, queer, nonbinary, and gender expansive middle school students.

The program provides a community co-constructed by trans students and trans teachers that focuses on fun, learning, enrichment, social-emotional learning, community building, student-led activism, identity exploration.


All youth ages 9 – 15 in New York State


2:30 to 5:30 PM Monday to Thursday

      154 Christopher St in the West Village

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: Remote on Zoom



While the program runs from 2:30 – 5:30, TfS recognizes that students' schedules differ.

The beginning of each afternoon is drop-in community time from 2:30-3:15. All youth are always welcome to come find community, share space, and have a snack. Classes are structured time and will occur from 3:15-4:15 and 4:15-5:15. Students may attend either a 3:15 class, a 4:15 class, or classes at both times. 

To allow students to make an informed choice of classes, the first two weeks will be focused on community building and class exploration.

Towards the end of those two weeks, TfS will release the final schedule (based upon student interest and availability). Students will then be asked to commit to a class (or classes) for the rest of the semester to enable the building and deepening of our learning communities.

Application Deadline:

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.



Please contact

Classes Offered Remote
Creative Writing
Computer Coding & Game Design
Activism/Transing School

Classes Offered In-Person

Painting & Poetry
Theater & Games

Classes Offered In-Person and/or Remote 

Queer Media

Dungeons, Dragons, Magic & Tabletop Games

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