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Other Programs

Curriculum Development

TfS will develop curricular units with a focus on social justice by providing the tools that educators and students need to work toward systemic change. These units will

be interdisciplinary, incorporating STEAM, humanities, social sciences, arts, social-emotional learning, sex education, and activism. Employing project-based learning and other progressive pedagogies, our emergent curricula will empower learning communities to challenge systems of oppression by providing community members with the academic and social-emotional tools to read and write power. We will distribute the materials for free online and at educational workshops and conferences.


Professional Development

TfS will provide professional development training for teachers in NYC and nationally. Based on lived and classroom experience, TfS professionals will deliver workshops and offer consulting. These workshops will potentially focus on Trans 101; more sophisticated discussions of gender modality, identity and expression, ascribed gender, and their intersections with other marginalizations such as race and disability; the process of imagining trans liberated schools; and the implementation of our interdisciplinary curricula.

Joyful Spaces

TfS will manifest joy within our community. Shared spaces will reverberate with laughter, music, and learning. Children will be protected and provided the opportunity to find euphoria in themselves and in each other. Our kids will feel connected, exuberant, fulfilled, and even silly. TfS centers its practice on trans joy, radical joy, loving joy, and unexpected but not-yet-imagined joy.

Middle School

TfS will support the founding of a Middle School, open to all, that embodies the work of liberation through rigorous academics, joyful connections, identity exploration,

and progressive practice.

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